It is celebration time for the Chopra family of Preston. Not only their only son Jimi is all set to become a doctor but is going to get engaged to the girl his family likes, Simran, who has come from India. She comes from a respectable Gujarati family, is well educated, pretty and above all, the only daughter of a very good and old friend of the Chopra's. She's perfect in every way except one. She is not Jack, Jimi's true love.

With the engagement done and the wedding date set, the house being decorated and relatives, family and friends coming over, the Chopra family has never been so happy. Jimi can't give himself to break his family's heart nor can he give up Jack.

Fate seems to be on Jimi's side when a series of accidents and misunderstanding leads Simran to believe that Jimi is a father to a eight year old girl, Hannah. Optimistic that things will now change and he will be able to get back to Jack, Jimi makes no attempt to clean up the air. Instead, his family turns up at his doorstep to propose his social wedding to Vanessa, his landlady and Hannah's mother. Mayhem breaks loose and confusion reigns all around. It all ends with the Chopra family welcoming Vanessa into their family.

The wedding goes ahead as planned but with a difference. Will Jimi come clean? Will he tell the truth about Jack and Vanessa? Will there be happiness at the Chopra household after this?

Chicken Tikka Masala is a film about relationships, about love and living. It portrays different cultures with their nuances and ethos. It deals with race, colour, generation gaps, sexual orientations and family ties. It is the melting pot where all the above ingredients when added, creates a unique flavour. love, love which transcends all barriers, issues and differences. It is a film that will have you laughing, crying and cursing, all at the same time.